METU Physics Society

As METU Physics Community  we are trying to present the latest scientific researches and developments in physics with a language everyone can follow since 1995. We organized hundreds of conferances, competitions, panels, seminars and lectures to increase science culture, fund of knowledge  and interest to physics for especially younger ones. Along with that we organized meetings and symposiums to increase the interaction between students and academicians. With our weekly seminars we  ensured that physics students both get to know the subdisciplnes of physics and sthengthen their communications with academics. We organized national conferances such as IPSS and worksops like METU Physics Workshop, which we enriched with technical trips and seminars. Also we arrenged contest called Epsilon-Delta in order to have our students and teachers compete together or over against each other and to socialize and have fun time. Besides, our community is in cooperation with QTurkey along with being a member of International Association of Physics Student (IAPS).

We will continue the activities we have done in the past years with acquaintance meetings, weekly seminars within department and videos thats shot with academicians. You can follow our up coming events on our website and our social media accounts. Also:

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Photographs of our past events:
A photograph from “Welcome Young Physicists”
A frame from “Bu Ne Bilimsizliktir” event we organized with Can Gürses and Mete Atatüre
A frame from our seminer called “Brown Motion” expressed by Prof. Dr. Sadi Turgut
A frame from technical trip to Turkey Atom Energy Foundation (TAEK)
Memorial photograph with our attendances from 1st Metu Physics Community Workshop

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