METU Student Information

The section “Student Information” is the place where you can access information about your GPA (Grade Point Average), CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) , standing (success status), library debt, name of your advisor, your curriculum (the courses you are taking and will be taking will be seen here), transcript and much more. Acknowledging what this section has to offer is quite important for the rest of your education.

If you enter Student Information yourself and experience with it, perhaps surf between the tabs, you’ll learn it better. However, we are still facing with questions such as: “Who is my advisor?”, “How do I know if my course(s) are approved?”, “Where can I see my library debt?”, “How can I track my payment about the summer school?” from time to time. This is why we thought, it would be beneficial to inform you about all these things.

How can I access Student Information?

You can easily find Student Info at Your nickname will be the first 6 numbers of your student number with a letter “e” at the beginning (ex; e123456). Only your password and nick is needed for access.

What Are The Purposes of The Tabs?

1- Usually,students who just started their second semester panic when they see this GPA part as 0. The GPA shown here is the grade point average for the current semester that you are in hence, if it is the beginning of your new semester, there is nothing to worry about. In this picture, you are seeing mine. Because the current semester has not yet ended, it is 0. What CGPA says is more important because it shows your overall performance.

2- You can see your “Standing status” from here. It, again, shows your status for the current (latest) semester. Because I was an Honor student in the spring semester of 2019-2020, my status is Honor although I am currently in summer school. (How does the summer school change standing status?)

3- Here, you can see whether your advisor approved your courses or did not. Another way to check this information is trying to log in at If you receive “You cannot enter because your advisor has approved.” when you do so, it means it is approved (as can be understood from the error). (What shall I do to change my courses after the approval period?)

4- “Add-Drop” shows the approval status of your course schedule during the Add-Drop week. Everything mentioned at number 3 is valid for this part as well.

5- Registered addresses of yours will appear in the “Contact” tab.

6- “Scholarships” tab shows your awarded scholarships.

7- “Semester Detail” shows information about the courses you’re taking. For example; I deposited some money for the summer school hence, the “Tuition Fee” section shows a Total Payment of 400TL. Further below this page, grants access to your Library Debt and Advisor information.

8- Here you can see your graduation status. (It will show “No Record Found” for a long time though.)

9- “Academic Record” tab shows your courses and letter grades for the current semester.

10- “Course Schedule” section is self explanatory. You’ll see your scheduled lessons. (However, this may not include recitation hours.)

11- If you were “on leave” for a period of time. You can see it from here.

12- “Transcript” is a file that tracks all the courses, letter grades, and other information related to those throughout your education in METU. This document also keeps track of your GPA/CGPA. Transcript is important for your official applications.

13- It shows all the courses you’ve replaced. (What does Replace Course mean?)

14- “Curriculum” tab shows all the courses that you have taken, supposed to be taking in the future and the semesters you’ve completed. If the boxes are checked with a green mark, it means you completed that particular semester. You’ll be looking at this tab quite often.

15- In this tab, you can see the dates for your exams for the semester. You may also check the dates from this link.